Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook


Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook

Items in the Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook Collection

Connecticut College Class of 1969 Baccalaureate Service Program
Program for the Connecticut College Class of 1969 Baccalaureate Service held on Saturday June 7, 1969. The program contains a listing of the order of the proceedings for the service, the names of those leading each service, lyrics to the various…

Connecticut College Class Day '69 Program
Program from the Connecticut College Class Day '69 containing a list of the class officers involved in putting the event together and an order of the proceedings which took place on June 7, 1969 at the Connecticut College Arboretum.

Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook Page 1
Page 1 contains two programs. A Connecticut College Class Day '69 program and a Baccalaureate Service Program. They are both from June 7, 1969 and contain details of the events, times, locations and people involved in each.

Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook Page 31
Page 31 contains many handcrafted pieces. There is a cat made from a variety of pasted seeds; a drawing indicating college exam progression throughout the month of January; a name tag with Linda's name; and a colorful patterned drawing addressed to…

Two Letters from Joyce Laquidara
Two letters from Joyce Laquidara to Linda Lee Abel written on May 18th and May 28th 1969. The letters discuss college life, comprehensive examinations, academic achievements, graduate schools and programs, engagements, the military draft and future…

Handwritten Poem
A small handwritten poem by Linda Lee Abel, written on a small folded sheet of paper. Transcription: 'Memories on a bulletin board / hanging on / trying to be forever / when they've past away / is it right for them to be / when only / past they…

Childbirth Card
A small childbirth card with an illustration of a little girl with a wagon and a small duck on the front. Transcription: 'There is nothing like / a Dame! / ours! / Name: Amy Dawn / Born: May 19, 1969 / Where: Jewish Hospital Cincinnati /…

Thank You Card from Louise Moreland Thomas
A small card from Linda Lee Abel's friend Louise Moreland Thomas. The card thanks Linda for her gift of an electric popcorn popper at Louise's bridal shower and looks forward to the future get-togethers.

Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook Page 30
Page 30 contains a small thank you card from Louise Moreland Thomas thanking Linda for a bridal shower gift; a card indicating that Linda's friend Lynn Morgenstern gave birth to a baby girl on May 19, 1969; a small handwritten poem by Linda on the…

Linda Lee Abel Scrapbook Page 29
Page 29 contains a reproduced image of a painting with a sailboat; Linda's name tag indicating she was part of the Connecticut College radio station WCNI; a newspaper clipping of a Family Circus comic; a newspaper clipping indicating that Linda made…